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Capacmarca Capacmarca

Capacmarca is located at 3600 meters above sea level, it is one of the eight districts of the Province of Chumbivilcas, located in the Department of Cusco.

It has a population of 4600 inhabitants, 65.5% of whom live in poverty.

The main economic activity is agriculture: families produce mainly potatoes and corn. But much of this production is for their own consumption. 

The Sembrando Prosperidad Project began in January 2022 in partnership with the District Municipality of Capacmarca. There are 323 families participating, registered for the 1st Contest that includes 7 categories: 1) Families, 2) Happiness for all (only seniors), 3) contest among the communities, 4) among the Committees of the Administrative Boards of Sanitation Services (JASS), 5) Juries, 6) Forestation and 7) Pastures.

We have 6 communal nurseries in Tahuay, Pinco, Sayhua, Chiripa, Chancaymarca, Moccojahua, plus the family nurseries; to produce pine, queñua, cedar, qolle, avocado, peach and apple trees: for their care and maintenance, Forestry Committees have been formed, elected by the families themselves in the Communal Board. 

They are all working with great enthusiasm to improve their homes and productive businesses after the training and internships they have received.