Pachamama Raymi

Participating families

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At 3579 m.a.s.l. is the District of Accha, one of the nine districts of the Province of Paruro, located in the Department of Cusco. There are 496 families from 9 communities who are part of the project. These families were in poverty and extreme poverty, with 50% of chronic child malnutrition and anaemia.

Since September 2020 Pachamama Raymi in agreement with the Municipality are Sowing Prosperity in Accha, joining efforts for happy families.

In March 2021 the 1st Community and Family Contest was awarded, everyone was very happy and celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

Progress has been made in the families improving their homes, and families are already growing more than 3 types of vegetables and fruit trees such as lucuma, avocados, peaches, pomegranates, and thus improve their food, their business of raising guinea pigs, fattening cattle, dairy cattle, trout become more productive; the Forestry Committee has been formed, and improving the communal and municipal nurseries, they are working with cedars, alder, Intimpa, pines and native species.

Another significant advance has been the creation of women-led groups of savers in each community. They work on the administration of their family economy, develop new skills and improve their self-esteem.