Pachamama Raymi
Participating families

In December 2017 Pachamama Raymi in agreement with the District Municipality of Pichigua began to work in rural areas of the district, located in the province of Espinar in the region of Cusco.

Currently we have a participation of 432 families, which are 90% of the rural population of 7 peasant communities (Alccasana, Ccahuaya baja, Chañi, Chimpa alccasana, Moro alccasana, Nueva esperanza and Sillota).

Water shortages, degraded grasslands and eroded soils are among the main difficulties faced by these communities. This situation generates poverty and migration of many families to other areas in search of better opportunities.

That is why we are working on the generation of healthy housing, prosperous businesses, recovery of degraded areas and reforestation. As a result, we already have 106 families with good healthy homes, 85 families with good pasture management, and 27 families with successful businesses. We have also installed forest nurseries with 170,000 seedlings, including pines and native plants, which will appear in the following campaigns; and one of the challenges we have is planting over 4300 meters above sea level, however, with the support and commitment of the families and the municipality we will be able to overcome it.

These advances motivate us to continue with the project and generate more development and reach more families in Pichigua.