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You By, We PlantSiembra tu BosqueGlobal Giving

For $ 1 sponsor 3 trees

3 trees<br>for 1 $3 trees
for 1 $
30 trees<br>for 10 $30 trees
for 10 $
300 trees<br>for 100 $300 trees
for 100 $
3000 trees<br>for 1000 $3000 trees
for 1000 $
30,000 trees<br>for 10,000 $30,000 trees
for 10,000 $
300,000 trees<br>for 100,000 $300,000 trees
for 100,000 $

“You buy, we plant” program

You represent a company?

We propose a very innovative and very positive association for your image.

“You buy, we plant” program

Do you want to be a Benefactor-Partner?

Our benefactors-partners are people who are very committed to the poor people of Peru and recognize that our organization and methodology ensure that the poor get to be prosperous in the shortest time. They show this through an annual or monthly financial contribution according to their will.

Many also support us with communication actions to third parties, advice based on their professional specialty, or contacts for the mobilization of resources.

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If you are in Peru, your donation will be recognized by the SUNAT and makes possible a deduction of the income tax. Pachamama Raymi has the right to receive donations from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which give rise to the deduction of the tax from the donor.
Pachamama Raymi is entitled to receive donations. Therefore, these are deductible from your income tax.

Interbank in Cusco

Titular: Asociación Civil Pachamama Raymi (dirección: Calle Pavitos 567, Cusco)
Interbank, cuenta de ahorro en Soles:
• 420-3032288479 número Interbancaría 003-420-013032288479-77
Interbank, cuenta de ahorro en Dólares
• 420-3023513442 número Interbancaría 003-420-013023513442-71

BCP Banco de Crédito del Perú


Titular: Asociación Civil Pachamama Raymi (dirección: Calle Pavitos 567, Cusco)

Banco de Crédito, cuenta de ahorro en Soles:
• 285-38530429-0-91
CCI: 00228513853042909153 

Banco de Crédito, cuenta de ahorro en Dólares:
• 285-31308358-1-69
CCI: 00228513130835816950