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"Siembra tu Bosque" program

Seeing the success of the program "You buy, we plant" we decided to deepen a little more our relationship with the business world and set up the program "Siembra tu Bosque".

 With "Siembra tu bosque" we offer companies the possibility to sponsor large forest plantations.
The company finances part of a new project of Pachamama Raymi. We signed an agreement with the company, the municipality and the community that commits to plant and take care of the forest plantations.
The families of the communities participate in this program as the environmental counterpart of the company and in the medium term they will enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of the plantations.
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1. Fill out the form.

2. I sign the collaboration agreement that I will receive. If the company is in Cusco I can request the visit of a representative of Pachamama Raymi.

3. I make the first contribution, I send the deposit receipt. I start selling contributing to the massive afforestation.

*The agreement is effective from the wire transfer, send us the voucher and we will provide your enterprise our stamp to use it in your various digital networks or printed material.

"Siembra Tu Bosque" Strategy

Planting a forest of 30,000 trees with triple social, economic and environmental impact on rural families.
To measure, reduce and compensate the company's carbon footprint, as a voluntary social and environmental management action.


In 2019 we signed agreements with the company Scania and with the Caja Municipal Cusco. Both companies sponsored their forest.

Caja Cusco
Caja Cusco
Caja Cusco