Pachamama Raymi
San Marcos
Participating families

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San Marcos


This year, with financing from the Antamina mining company, we began working in four communities in the company's area of influence. There are 145 families that are starting to improve their homes and new businesses, such as growing vegetables and flowers in nurseries and improving businesses such as raising guinea pigs and sheep.

A new experience

This is Pachamama Raymi's first experience in communities with direct influence from a mining company. Due to this characteristic, this project represents a challenge for the team. The economic activities of families linked to the mine and the presence of various social actors in these communities make it different.
Fifty families are improving their homes, fixing their kitchens, repairing their houses and improving their latrines. The families are already developing businesses, and they know the market, but they need advice to make these businesses more profitable. 25 families are building guinea pig sheds and 34 families are planting grass for animal husbandry. We are working on improving the community organization for water management.