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Greening Africa

We have called our project in Tanzania (Africa) "Greening Africa". We work with the NGO ReGreening Initiatives for its implementation.

During 2019 we have continued our two projects in Tanzania in the districts ("Villages") of Vilima Vitatu, Sarame, Mwada and Sangaiwe, which are located in Babati, in the department of Manyara. These "districts" have a total population of 15,000 people. As always, our participation goal is 60% of the total population of each of the communities in the districts where we work. Of the total population, 81% have participated in the project.

During the year 2019 the "districts" suffered tremendous flooding as well as a prolonged drought. Despite these adverse weather conditions, the Greening Africa project has had significant achievements.

The success of the work with the families is due in large part to the effort and commitment of the women, who were very clear about the importance of all the improvements for their family and

Throughout the project, we have coordinated our activities very closely with the Tanzanian authorities.

The results achieved with the families in the four "villages" have shown that the Pachamama
Raymi works extraordinarily well.

Toribio Huillca Yábar has been the Director of Greening Africa since the beginning. The great success and results obtained are due to him, to his dedication and courage, his intelligence, his very wide experience and knowledge brought from the Peruvian Andes. He successfully faced the difficulties posed by the diversity of cultures, the inclemency of the climate. In addition, he had to deal with ostriches, zebras, monkeys and other wild animals.

Main achievements