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Quienes SomosSuyana Foundation

The Suyana Foundation started somewhere during 2011 in the district of Ocongate (Cusco, Peru) in human health, where Pachamama Raymi had worked during three years, ending its presence shortly after the arrival of Suyana.

Suyana operated from its car, treating patients with different health issues, including the feared Leishmania. Several months later, and after having observed the work of Pachamama Raymi, Suyana starts organizing contests between families, with the following categories "Unu Kamachiy" (which reminds us of Unu Kamachiq from the year 1988), "Chapter Water, family and productivity", "Chapter Home and Health" and the "Chapter Today for you, tomorrow for me".

The office of the Suyana Foundation in Peru resides in: Urb. Santa María L-17, San Sebastián, Cusco. Tel. 0051-84-275032