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Quienes SomosIPSWAM (Bangladesh)

During the nintees, Euroconsult (now Euroconsult Mott MacDonald), a Dutch consultancy company was implementing three projects using Pachamama Raymi: PAC-II in Bolivia, the Program ALA 94/89 in Guatemala (both financed by the European Union) and the Institute for Water and the Environment (IMA) in Cusco, Peru (a project financed by the Netherlands International Cooperation). In 1994 Euroconsult reprinted the first book (pdf) written about Pachamama Raymi (A training system for community development).

In 2005, Euroconsult produces a proposal to use the methodology Pachamama Raymi in another project. This time in Bangladesh, also financed by the Netherlands International Cooperation: Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management (IPSWAM). IPSWAM is a project to improve water management in polders (extensive, extremely flat areas, protected against flooding by a series of embankments). IPSWAM places a particular emphasis on people’s participation. Willem van Immerzeel proposes a manual (pdf) for use in the different polders. However, after intense internal discussions it is decided to opt for a more conventional methodology.