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CEDAP clearly is a “pioneer” of Pachamama Raymi. In the end of the 1980s they had become aware that they needed to achieve better results. CEDAP´s work focusses on Ayacucho, a region with high levels of ultra-violence. Ultra-violence is often associated with despair and extreme poverty. Something had to be done urgently.

The director of CEDAP had heard of Pachamama Raymi (from Hugo Wieners) and decided that this methodology could be what they were looking for. The key personal of this small non-governmental organization made the strenuous journey to Cusco in the beginning of 1991, in order to visit the communities where PRODERM had worked and to meet with Willem van Immerzeel. They regained hope, and started a project that would become a great example of the Pachamama Raymi methodology, including to large projects such as MARENASS. Years later, in 2007, CEDAP prepared this report (pdf). 


In mid-2008, an interesting report presented strong arguments to “believe in the future of the peoples of the Andes”.