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Quienes SomosAlto Verapaz Program (Guatemala)

Humberto van der Zel, who had previously worked in PRODERM, became co-Director of the ALA 94/89 Program in Guatemala. In included introducing "perma-cultura" (organic farming), using a conventional methodology, that explicitly promised to produce results within about 10 years. However, the ALA timeline didn’t allow sticking around for so long. Remembering Pachamama Raymi from PRODERM, Humberto requested the assistance of Willem van Immerzeel, for the introduction of Pachamama Raymi in Guatemala. See: ALA book (pdf)

The contents to be introduced had fanned out immensely during the conventional phase of ALA 94/89. It inspired the term “Framework of Contents”, finally giving a name to one of the first elements of Pachamama Raymi, since trying out its prototype in PRODERM. The concept of “Framework of Contents” would later be elaborated much further during the feasibility study of MARENASS. This element of the methodology should help to keep on track, that is, on the most promising track for a certain region, in terms of economical and ecological sustainability.

Writing the book for ALA 94/89 was an opportunity to design, or rather, to name and better define a number of concepts, which allow comparing “quality” of different rural development programs. (Quality = efficiency + effectiveness)