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CONAM is the Environmental Authority in Peru. Its aim is to plan, promote, coordinate, control and watch over the environment and the natural assets of the Nation. Its objective is to promote the conservation of the environment to support the integrated development of people, based an adequate quality of life, promoting the balance between socio-economic development, the sustainable use of the natural resources and the conservation of the environment. It is a public, decentralized organization and falls under the Presidency of the Assembly of Ministers.

CONAM fully recognizes the value of the methodology of Pachamama Raymi, subscribing agreements with municipalities, indicating: “CONAM prioritizes the conditions required for strengthening local capacities to improve living conditions of people and environmental management in the native and farmer communities, through the methodology Pachamama Raymi, in the context of the Agenda 21”. “The methodology consists of generating opportunities and motivating an intense process of peer learning ‘Learning from the Best’, through which accelerated changes are generated in individuals, families and their communities. The most relevant issues for the eradication of poverty are included in the methodology: preventive healthcare, food security, improved incomes and rational management of natural resources.”