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Quienes SomosALIADOS (Peru)

The Alliance Program (Programa Aliados) was formulate and is being implemented based on the experience of MARENASS. It is a project of the Peruvian Government, which started its activities at the end of 2007. The project is financed through World Bank loan. The total investment amounts to US$34.93 million, which is the greatest single investment yet in projects of the Pachamama Raymi family.

The objective of the Alliance Program is to improve the assets and economic conditions of the farmer families within the project area. The Program will promote access to markets and the creation of new human, institutional and infrastructural capital assets, and sustainable use of natural advantages.

The program has a five year duration. Its project area comprises 43 provinces, in six departments (Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Junín, Pasco and Huánuco). It is estimated that 875 rural communities and 620 rural production organizations will take part in the program. It is estimated that the program will attend 53,600 families in total, of which most are now considered “poor”.