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Quienes SomosMIDEPLAN (Chile)

Needs were spotted to improve the system of Chile Solidario, and in line with the policy of institutional strengthening, SERPLAC from the Region of Aysén decided to improve several components, including its three dimensions: management of values, knowledge management and information management.

The selected proposal was innovative, and has a very strong participatory element. It is implemented by the Consultant CODEPA Ltd. With the objective to describe the best management experience in the Chilean Solidarity Network, using the “Methodology Learning from the Best”, developped in the Araucania Region (Araucanía Tierra Viva Program (Chile) ), which is based on the Methodology Pachamama Raymi.

One of the most relevant activities in the implementation of the Methodology was the “First Contest of Show Case Managemente Practices in the System of CHILE SOLIDARIO, REGION OF AYSÉN”, with the aim to identify best practices and actors, in management within Chile Solidario of Aysén.