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The Pachamama Raymi Civil Association has formed dozens of peasants coordinators and experts versed in implementing projects with our methodology. Some of them are hired by other organizations to implement the methodology. In this case, the district municipalities of Maranura and Occobamba province of La Convention in the Department of Cusco (Peru).

Thus, these two municipalities began in 2013 with the implementation of a project "Healthy Homes" which includes the following items.

1. Planning and Improvement of Housing,

2. Health and family nutrition

3. Production of family biogardens

4. raising production Cuyes

5. Management of small animals (guinea pigs and poultry),

6. cultivating grass

7. Strengthening the Organization

8. Local Enterprise

The attached report indicates that "the expert facilitators, become former employees of Pachamama Raymi, who worked in competitions district of Juan Espinoza Medrano Mollebamba Apurimac and district Huacrahuacho Canas, currently there are those who embody all the knowledge and experience gained with Pachamama Raymi in these projects in the municipalities of Occobamba and Maranura. "