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The program Adaptation to Climate Change proposed to adapt 25 rural communities to this change. This task requires high goals and great program effectiveness. A large majority of rural families and their organizations should adopt a number of innovations, recovering its natural resources, improving pastures, reforesting, improving food security, etc. The PACC-Peru had to do all this with more than 60% of the rural population. For this reason, PACC-Peru hired the Civil Association Pachamama Raymi, not only to implement its program in 25 communities, but also for the PACC-Peru to learn the Pachamama Raymi methodology.

The communities are located in watersheds in Huacrahuacho, in the districts of Checca and Kunturkanki province of Canas, in the Department of Cusco and the watershed of Mollebamba in the district of Juan Espinoza Medrano, Province of Antabamba, Department of Apurimac, in Peru.

After 18 months, from July 2010, the Civil Partnership made that 60-70% of all people and all communities of micro-watersheds of Huacrahuacho (Cusco) and Mollebamba (Apurimac) adopted a set of measures to adapt to change climate that the PACC-Peru required. Moreover, the Civil Association Pachamama Raymi got the Commonwealth Haughty Canas assume our methodology.

PACC-Peru also learned the Pachamama Raymi methodology and decided to try their new skills in 25 rural communities. The involvement of families in their first attempt was rather low (42%) but surely increase.