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Quienes SomosTransboundary Joint Secretariat for the Southern Caucasus, Promoting Cooperation in Nature Conservat

The Special Project San Ignacio Bagua in Jaen (Cajamarca, Peru) under the direction of Vinzenz Zender, applied a variant of the methodology Pachamama Raymi. At the time, Andreas Weitzel was responsible for the KfW office in Peru. This endeavor was assisted by Pierre de Zutter. See also: With money, no recipes but with people" (available in Spanish only). 

When Andreas Weitzel moved to Europe to became responsible for projects in the Caucasus, he proposed using the same methodology that had given such good results in Jaén. This time it is a group of projects for the development of the buffer zones of natural reserves and national parks. 

A variant of Pachamama Raymi is used successfully in Armenia and Georgia.