Pachamama Raymi
Prosperous, sustainable and reforested Peruvian highlands

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The Challenge

In September 2019 we launched with PeruCamaras and the Cusco Chamber of Commerce the "El Reto" proposal, which will eradicate rural poverty in the sierra, energize the rural economy on a national scale, and contribute to meeting national objectives related to environmental recovery and the fight against climate change.

Perucámaras PerucámarasThe challenge is to achieve that in 10 years we have 2'400,000 hectares of forest plantations with species of trees with commercial value, such as high altitude cedar, walnut, forest laurel, intimpa, pine and others in degraded areas of the Sierra Sur. All of this is led by families and peasant communities, in alliance with local governments and public and private sector institutions.

The opportunity is presented that, in just 10 years, more than 2 million people would cease to be poor forever and their wealth would increase by $130,000, thus energizing the rural economy in the short (mushrooms and firewood), medium (sticks and wood) and long term (commercial wood).

Cámara de Comercio de Cusco Cámara de Comercio de CuscoThe support and viability of our initiative is proven through successful experiences in the Cajamarca region such as Granja Porcon and in Cusco with several district governments, Ccaijo, Pachamama Raymi and other organizations.
Pachamama Raymi is a partner of the Chamber of Commerce and has generated one of the most innovative and successful experiences in the eradication of poverty through environmental recovery. Since 2006 it has taken more than 16 thousand families out of poverty and has promoted the planting of more than 10 million trees and the rescue of endangered species such as the highland cedar.