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The members of Pachamama Raymi

The governing bodies of the association are the General Assembly and the President. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the organization, composed of the active members. The President is elected by the General Assembly during an extraordinary meeting.

Active members

Willem H.M. van Immerzeel - President Willem H.M. van Immerzeel - President

Willem H.M. van Immerzeel - President

Dutch, MSc in agricultural engineering from the University of Wageningen, and working in the field of rural development since 1981, in different projects. Has worked in countries such as Guinea Bissau, Bangladesh, Peru, Nicaragua, and others. Designed and implemented the Pachamama Raymi methodology in PRODERM. Worked as project manager, consultor, etc. He has implemented the Pachamama Raymi methodology in many projects. He currently is the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Cusco. 

Antoine Briot Antoine Briot

Antoine Briot - Vice President

Cameraman Franco - Peruvian. After working 13 years in France in fiction, documentary and publicity, in 2004 he settled in Cusco, Peru.

Within the framework of his profession he has had several opportunities to share time with farmers from South America and Africa, especially in the area of Paucartambo and Ocongate in Cusco.

Present in all the developments of Pachamama Raymi since its beginnings. 

Piet van Driel - Treasurer Piet van Driel - Treasurer

Piet van Driel - Treasurer

Dutch, agricultural engineer (Wageningen, The Netherlands). Has been working for the international cooperation in Latin America since 1978 (mainly in Peru and Paraguay) in the formulation and realization of rural development projects based on sustainable socio-economical-environmental development and focused on protagonism, the initiatives and development of the capacities of rural families. Among others he was the head of a post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation project in 2007. During this project, he hired the non-profit organization Pachamama Raymi, which achieved that rural families were able to restore productive agricultural processes in record time. These families expressed their satisfaction in the final external evaluation with a score of 17 out of 20. 

Daniela Quiroz - Secretary Daniela Quiroz - Secretary

Daniela Quiroz - Secretary

Peruvian lawyer, bachelor in Law, has served as a volunteer in institutions aimed at protecting the rights and interests of children and adolescents at risk.

Hugo Alegre - Vocal Hugo Alegre - Vocal

Hugo Alegre - Vocal 

Consultant with 30 years of professional experience, of which more than 20 linked to the strategic consultancy of business, operations and technology, both in Peru and abroad. Founder and Director at Real Time Management (RTM)

Oscar Espinosa Oscar Espinosa

Oscar Espinosa - Vocal

Civil Engineer, graduated from the National University of Engineering, Lima. Master's degree and postgraduate studies in Engineering, Economics and Business Administration at the Universities of North Carolina and Harvard in the United States and the University of Piura (PAD).
Outstanding Peruvian businessman, former Executive President of Ferreycorp S.A.A. and President of its various subsidiaries. 

Erik Fischer - Vocal Erik Fischer - Vocal

Erik Fischer - Vocal

Professional with extensive experience in the forestry sector, promoting topics such as forestry policy and governance in Peru.
Advisor in negotiation processes in free trade agreements with the European Union, the United States and Mexico, for forestry and environmental issues.
Expert in foreign trade issues, specifically in export of products from the forestry sector.

Carlos Milla - Vocal Carlos Milla - Vocal

Carlos Milla Vidal - Vocal

Cusqueño businessman, with vision and commitment to development, has been promoter of many business initiatives that include tourism operations, product design, and international promotion through more than 30 years of experience in the tourism sector.

Fausto Salinas Lovón Fausto Salinas Lovón

Fausto Salinas Lovón - Vocal

Peruvian, lawyer. He has served as Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services, Tourism and the Production of Cusco (2003-2004) and as President of this Institution during the 2005-2006 period. He has been Vice-President of the Caja Municipal del Cusco and Vice President of PERUCAMARAS. He is President of the Superior Council of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Cusco.

Allied members

Toribio Huillca Yabar - Rural Expert Toribio Huillca Yabar - Rural Expert

Toribio Huillca Yabar - Rural Expert

Peruvian. With extensive experience in development. Rural work in different non-governmental institutions NGOs, CADEP, CESA, CEPRA, External consultant of the National Park of Manu in rural development theme of the buffer zone. Coordinator of the Sierra Verde Special Project of the High Provinces of Cusco, President of the Civil Association of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Project Coordinator of Pachamama Raymi, in the different districts of Cusco. Currently Executive Director of Greening Africa, he directs and implements Pachamama Raymi projects in Tanzania Africa.