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Clear targets

In the short term, the Pachamama Raymi methodology reaches targets expressed as the adoption of a large number of innovations for the majority of each population served. This adoption is maintained over time. Moreover, the success augments as “non-participants” learn from participants when they see their success and satisfaction. As a result, even those who did not participate in contests, start adopting the innovations.

Therefore, the achieved results are sustainable, in contradiction to the old paradigm of rural development which regards change needs to be slow in order for it to be sustainable. Our results show institutions could considerably reduce the time spent to promote development. Currently, institutions often need about ten years to achieve the same results Pachamama Raymi achieves within three years.   

The combination of these three groups of targets (which are demanding and non-waivable) aims to improve people's living conditions:

  1. Participation of more than 60% of the population
  2. Development of productive activities with the sustainable management of natural resources, which generate greater opportunities for families to earn a good income.
  3. Adoption of good practices which improve the nutrition in the home, the family’s health and the living conditions.