guinea pig

Our Commitment

We are a non-profit organization which promotes the sustainable development of poor rural families, generating opportunities to improve their quality of life. We work with governmental authorities and private institutions. To fulfill our mission, we commit to: 

  1. Bring prosperity to communities living in extreme poverty, by facilitating an exchange of information between the participating families and expert farmers so they can get out of poverty. 
  2. Mobilize communities by helping them discover the potential they have. We do not provide “the fish", but the "fishing rod".
  3. Promote healthy lifestyles, improve the local economy and achieve sustainable reclamation of the environment.
  4. Apply an effective and efficient methodology based on a systemic approach, clear and demanding targets, peer learning, and motivation.
  5. Encourage the participation and commitment of local authorities, in order to ensure the sustainability of our projects. 
  6. Gain and preserve the trust of the persons and institutions who finance our projects. Maintain the trust of the participating communities, which invest their own resources and capabilities.