Mission, vision and objectives

MISSION: To help poor families realize their potential to achieve improved ecological, social and economic conditions, through an integrated and sustainable approach and in cooperation with local authorities and institutions.

VISION: To help rural communities become prosperous within a short period of time.


  1. Break through the vicious circle of environmental degradation and rural poverty in 90% of the communities where we work, achieving that at least 60% of the families of every community changes the management of their natural resources, reclaiming their dilapidated resources.
  2. To achieve that at least 60% of the families of every community adopts the necessary practices to improve the living conditions to, within three yeas, achieve the following:

  • A healthy and dignified life, with food security. 
  • An almost constant income throughout the year, higher than the country´s minimum legal income, generated in the short term through productive activities. 
  • The plantation of 1,000 trees per family per year, with a first year survival rate of over 90%, which will provide the families with an income in the long term.